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Coronavirus - Latest Update

I know these are worrying times for us all. I want to keep you up to date on the latest information in regard to the coronavirus crisis. My constituency and westminster office are now closed and my staff are working from home. We will always do our best to help you, this may mean it takes longer for me to reply to your queries. I will not be holding face-to-face appointments or advice surgeries until further notice. We will prioritize individual urgent cases, and those relating to COVID-19. Other emails may take longer to receive a response. Please email for assistance or call 0113 898 0969

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Coronavirus - Information and Help

Whilst the Government at last seems to be taking action, it has been too slow. They have not gone far enough in protecting both people’s health and finances. I will continue to challenge the Government, work across party lines when necessary, on issues that concern you. I will fight to make sure that you are safe, get the medical treatment you need and can survive this crisis financially.

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Working alongside Leeds City Council and the Combined Transport Authority, Alex is pushing for better train stations and line electrification, cleaner public transport (hybrid buses & cycling schemes) and tackling congestion with enhancements to road infrastructure.


Work should empower people and provide them with financial security and fulfilment. Since 2010, there has been a huge increase in insecure and poorly paid work. In Parliament, Alex will support the Labour Party’s drive to secure a living wage, ban zero-hours contracts and enhance workplace rights.


Swift action to combat climate change is necessary to save this planet – it’s the only home we have. Alex is working towards a carbon-free future for the UK by supporting investment in new green technologies, scrutinising the Government from his position on the Environmental Audit Committee and campaigning for improved public transport in and around Leeds.


Government vote against extending free school meals during school holidays

I am angered that the Government this week voted down Labour’s Opposition Motion to extend free school meals to 1.4 million hungry children, during the school holidays until Easter 2021, in response to Manchester United footballer, Marcus Rashfords campaign. This is in complete contrast to Scotland and Wales who have both provided the funding to […]

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Black History Debate

I was honoured to speak in the Black History Debate on Tuesday (20th October) aimed at celebrating and raising awareness of black history through Black History Month has been shown to be urgently necessary in the light of the growing anger of our black community expressed through Black Lives Matter and how the Government are […]

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National policy response
Animal Sentience

  Animal welfare and rights are greatly important to me personally. It is important that we give animals, particularly within agriculture, human treatment, as it is not only the right thing to do but will also lessen the environmental harms caused by the agriculture industry. I myself am a vegetarian, and I am committed to […]

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Covid-19 Testing

I have heard from a large number of my constituents who have been struggling to access Covid-19 tests online via the Government website. For those who have managed to get a test, many have had to travel large distances. Currently, Leeds in on the verge of having stricter restrictions imposed by the Government due to […]

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