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Alex is the Labour and Cooperative MP for Leeds North West. He sits on the Environmental Audit Committee, the Backbench Business Committee and chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Groups for Video Games, Social Enterprise, Basketball and West Papua. Prior to his election, Alex ran Social Enterprise Yorkshire where he supported hundreds of groups and individuals in setting up social enterprises across the region. He lives in Meanwood with his family and remains an "indie kid" at heart.


Alex is deeply committed to Leeds and its people, and to the Labour Party and its ideals. He is an advocate for a radical and transformative politics with particular focus on environmentalism, higher education and industrial strategy.


Working alongside Leeds City Council and the Combined Transport Authority, Alex is pushing for better train stations and line electrification, cleaner public transport (hybrid buses & cycling schemes) and tackling congestion with enhancements to road infrastructure.


Work should empower people and provide them with financial security and fulfilment. Since 2010, there has been a huge increase in insecure and poorly paid work. In Parliament, Alex will support the Labour Party’s drive to secure a living wage, ban zero-hours contracts and enhance workplace rights.


Swift action to combat climate change is necessary to save this planet – it’s the only home we have. Alex is working towards a carbon-free future for the UK by supporting investment in new green technologies, scrutinising the Government from his position on the Environmental Audit Committee and campaigning for improved public transport in and around Leeds.


My Environment Week: in pictures

This week was the first week of Parliamentary recess. In addition to my normal surgeries and constituency business, I decided to dedicate a whole week to environmental issues to raise awareness of this vital issue around Leeds North West.  Please see below for a break down of this week of action. We started the week […]

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Alex speaks in the European Union Withdrawal Act Debate

I will not vote for the Prime Minister’s blank cheque withdrawal agreement, and I will oppose a no-deal Brexit with every fibre of my being.

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National policy response
Alex Sobel MP: Brexit Update

This week we were expected to vote for the third time on the Prime Minister’s deal, a week after Parliament voted down a No Deal Brexit and then in favour of extending Article 50. Before that could happen, it was ruled by John Bercow that her deal could not be brought back before the House […]

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Latest Petition: Improve reliability of First Group bus services

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The buses serving our community are plagued by punctuality issues. First group needs to get its act together and improve services.

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We the undersigned call on First Group to take action to improve the punctuality of its services.

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First Group Petition

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