My response to the threat of closure to Yeadon Sailing Centre and Otley’s Ellar Ghyll Recycling Centre

I am extremely disappointed to hear that two facilities within Leeds North West have been put forward for closure by Leeds City Council in further devastating council cuts.

Each and every one of my constituents have been let down by the lack of funding for our council by central government. The Conservatives have not taken the impact of Covid seriously and after 10 years of cuts our council have nothing left to support these services.

This has meant that councils all over the country are now at breaking point due to the cuts they have endured under a Conservative government. The lack of the promised Covid-19 funding means Leeds City Council has a budget shortfall of £120m.

I am speaking directly to the council regarding these proposed closures and will be looking at all ways to ensure these vital local facilities can remain open. Otley (Ellar Ghyll) Household Recycling centre provides a vital service to Otley and the surrounding areas. For years we have been getting the message out about the importance of recycling for the environment and appear now to be faced with the possibility of losing the facility.

The closure of Yeadon Sailing Centre will not only affect the local area but the whole of the city. We need to explore further the option of bringing the club into community ownership, if the council are no longer able to finance it. Water sports are a perfect example of a socially distanced activity, which in the current climate we need to be saving not reducing.

Ultimately we need well funded councils to provide the services we all depend on. I continue to fight hard for that.


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