Date: 04.12.17

Alex can only act on behalf of his own constituents. There is a strict parliamentary convention preventing MP’s from taking up cases on behalf of constituents of other MP’s. Your MP will be able to help you deal with an organisation wherever it is based in the country.

If you are unsure of who your MP is, you can check by visiting Find Your MP.

Your MP can also only act on behalf of constituents who contact them directly. This means that if you would like your MP to act, for instance, on behalf of a family member, that family member will need to make contact directly. This is necessary to maintain confidentiality between your MP and the individual constituents who contact him. All communications sent to your MP and personal data is stored confidentially. If it is necessary for us to share information with a third party to help with your case we will discuss this with you.

What can your MP do to help you (FAQs)?

Your MP is here to help with matters for which Parliament or central government is responsible. Problems often arise with work carried out by central government departments and your MP will be able to help you with such areas as:

Your MP can provide general advice on planning issues and ask that your views are taken into account in planning decisions but cannot instruct or influence councillors making planning decisions.

How can your MP deal with your problems?

Where your problem does involve central government, your MP has a number of methods available to try to resolve the matter:

  • A letter from your MP to the relevant department or official will often provide a solution;
  • Your MP may decide to take matters a stage further by writing to the Minister involved;
  • Your MP may ask his caseworkers to research the issue further and provide specific advice;
  • If there has been unnecessary waiting times or maladministration your MP may be able to take your case to the relevant Ombudsman;

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