Alex’s Surgery Times

Date: 11.01.16

If you need to talk to Alex in person you can book an appointment for a confidential chat or drop in on one of his open surgeries.


Supermarket Drop in Surgeries

First Saturday of the month:

▨ Asda, Holt Park: 11am – 12pm

▨ Sainsbury’s, Otley Road, Headingley: 12.30-1.30pm

Third Saturday of the month:

▨ Sainsbury’s, Otley: 11am-12pm

▨ Morrisons, Yeadon: 12.30-1.30pm


Private Advice Surgeries (Appointment Only)

First Friday of the month:

▨ Adel Surgery: 10.30am-12pm

▨ Otley Surgery: 3.30-5pm

Third Friday of the month:

▨ Headingley Surgery: 1-2.30pm

▨ Yeadon Surgery: 3.30-5pm

(Private advice surgeries last for up to 15 minutes)


To book an appointment please email your issue to, call 0113 898 0969 or fill out the online form below


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