Coronavirus – Information and help

Coronavirus – Information and help

Whilst the Government at last seems to be taking action, it has been too slow. They have not gone far enough in protecting both people’s health and finances.

Businesses are closing daily and people are losing their jobs. Those on zero-hour contracts and self-employed people unable to work are advised to claim Universal Credit. In these unprecedented times, statutory sick pay should be available to all. Our low rate of statutory sick pay means extra financial help must also be on offer.

I have written to the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, calling for an emergency Universal Basic Income. This would ensure financial security by giving every citizen money to cover essential costs.

The Chancellor has announced a three month mortgage break for homeowners, but nothing for renters. Myself and other opposition MPs pressed for protections for renters from eviction and I’m pleased that this has now been brought in.

The NHS has stated that it may not be able to cope with a large scale outbreak.

As your elected representative, I will continue to challenge the Government. I will work, across party lines when necessary, on the issues that concern you. I will fight to make sure that you are safe, can get the medical treatment you need and can survive this crisis financially.


General Coronavirus Advice

For the latest general health advice from the NHS please visit


Advice on Self-Isolating

If you develop any symptoms related to Coronavirus you will need to self-isolate along with anyone you live with. Do not visit your GP surgery or hospital.  More advice at

As well as looking after your physical health it is really important to look after your mental health as well.


Advice for, Employed, Self-employed, zero hour contract workers.

If you are employed and earn more than £118 per week.

Emergency legislation has been introduced so that SSP will be paid from the first day of illness.

If you are self-employed currently the Government are advising if you are unable to work you should claim universal credit.

Some zero hours contract workers will be entitled to statutory sick pay if not you are should apply for universal credit.


Advice on Home Care (in Leeds)

For the latest advice on Home Care


Advice on travel

Non-essential travel outside the UK is now not advised.

If you have a trip abroad booked or need advice regarding travelling abroad or if you are currently abroad see


Advice on Schools/Colleges and Universities

Schools, Nurseries, Colleges and Universities in England will close on the 20th March to all children except those of key workers and children with an Educational Health Care Plan.

Schools will have the flexibility to provide meals or vouchers to children eligible for free school meals in the short term and a government voucher scheme will be put in place shortly.

All exams are cancelled and I will update via my website when more information is available.


Advice for businesses

Information on support for businesses can be found here



In the past few days there has been widespread panic buying leaving supermarket shelves empty and customers finding it difficult to buy goods such as tinned products, pasta, soap, toilet paper, nappies and baby formula. The supermarkets have repeated said there is no need for anyone to buy in bulk and if people just buy what they need now there is plenty to go around.

Supermarkets are now bringing in restrictions to stop people bulk buying which will hopefully. But by buying more than required and effectively stock piling, it has a hugel negative effect on people not in a position financially able to do so, such as the elderly. Please shop responsibly.







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