Decarbonise our Homes

Date: 23.09.21 | in: Environment

The UK must address the inherent problems within our housing stock, including insulation as well as energy efficient Heat Pumps. These are issues that I have been championing for a long time, both within my role in Parliament on the Environmental Audit Committee and as Chair of the Net Zero APPG as well as being an environmental activist.

Our all-party parliamentary group on net zero have produced an action plan that looks at building an expansive and ambitious covid-19 green recovery package that focuses on green job creation and workforce retooling, especially in disadvantaged areas.

This includes looking at the growth of solar installers and the reintroduction of the feed-in tariff, (a government programme designed to promote the uptake of renewable and low-carbon electricity generation technologies).

Decarbonisation through heat pumps, electric heating or hydrogen would also present opportunities for SMEs as installers. All those things present a huge opportunity to create new SMEs and new jobs within them, but they need the business support, investment, incentives and targets, and an ecosystem that creates the opportunity for net zero for SMEs and business at large.

Locally, Leeds City Council are investing £24 million in green technology for council homes.

It is crucial that this autumn’s delayed net zero strategy, net zero review and comprehensive spending review finally put in place a proper plan.

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