Downing Street party revelations

Date: 20.01.22 | in: Parliament and Government
I want to make clear to each and every one of you my views regarding an abundance of reports in recent days and weeks about parties and gatherings organised and attended by the Prime Minister.


Standards in public life have never seen worse days, and I feel it is crucial for me, as the MP for Leeds North West, to address this.


On the 20th of May 2020, 47 of you wrote to me about issues relating to Covid or NHS pressures. 47. Before the 20th of May, I received hundreds and hundreds of correspondences from you with a whole range of issues: you not being able to see your loved ones in care homes; not being able to visit your dying relatives; and then, not being able to go to their funerals.


It was a harrowing time, but we all stood strong to protect society from this unforgiving virus.


Also on the 20th of May 2020, the Prime Minister invited over one hundred people to a “bring your own booze” party in his Downing Street Garden.


The rules at the time were explicit. People were only allowed to see one other person from outside their household as long it was at an outdoor public space and two metre social distancing was maintained. People were not allowed to go into each other’s gardens. The Covid support bubbles had not even been introduced by that stage.


The events at Downing Street have made a mockery of all who followed the rules. It demonstrates the Prime Minister respects nothing and no one. He is gaslighting us over the rules and actions he was involved in and responsible for. But it doesn’t matter how you say it – the Prime Minister is unfit to lead.


Click here watch his pathetic attempt at an apology at PMQs earlier this week.


The Party is over.


The Prime minister must stand down.

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