Covid-19 Testing

Date: 15.09.20 | in: Health | Tags: , , , ,

I have heard from a large number of my constituents who have been struggling to access Covid-19 tests online via the Government website. For those who have managed to get a test, many have had to travel large distances.

Currently, Leeds in on the verge of having stricter restrictions imposed by the Government due to the number of rising cases. However, we need a testing system to be accessible, without one we cannot truly measure the number of cases, nor can we see when the case numbers begin to decrease.

If people cannot access tests, yet have what they believe to be Covid symptoms they are left to self isolate and maybe take unnecessary time off work or school.  If a child develops Covid like symptoms, schools and nurseries are obligated not to allow that child to return until they have either self isolated or had a negative test, with no tests available working parents are left with no choice but to take the time off work to self isolate, many having to do so unpaid.

As we approach winter and the cold and flu season, testing is even more important so people can sure whether they have Covid or a common cold. The bottom line is we need a test system that works, one where tests are readily available locally and results processed within 24hrs.

Let me know your experience of booking/trying to book a Covid test online by completing the form below.









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