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Animal Poaching Must Be Stopped

Date: 22.06.18 | in: Animal Welfare | Tags: ,

Over the last month I have been part of a Public Bill Committee in Parliament formed to scrutinise the Ivory Bill. The suggested Bill would mean one of the toughest bans in Europe, establishing an almost total stop to commercial activities involving ivory in the UK that could fuel elephant poaching.

In under a decade, 150,000 elephants have been killed by poachers. It is vital that we end this barbaric and unnecessary practice. Any law that can contribute to reducing the global demand for ivory will help. Throughout my time on the Committee I have made my support for this Bill clear but believe that the law could be expanded. I spoke on the necessity for including narwhals as protected under the changes and if time had permitted would have also made the case on behalf of the hippo, killer whale, sperm whale and walrus.

I am proud to have worked on fine-tuning this Bill and I hope that we can continue as a nation to lead the way in implementing new measures to protect the world’s wildlife. This kind of animal cruelty should no longer be a reality in the 21st Century and I believe that working towards its eradication must be a priority for us all.

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