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Calling time on reckless airport drinking

Date: 05.10.17 | in: Anti-Social Behaviour

Back in the 1960s, a decision was made to exclude airport bars and restaurants from normal UK licensing restrictions. This means that when passengers are “airside”, they can buy a drink any time of the day. And this makes sense when people are crossing time zones, waiting long hours for connecting flights or calming nerves before take off.

For many years, this arrangement worked well. And then, people began to abuse it. Trade Unions representing aircrew are angry at the huge rise in the number of assaults on their members – nearly all of which have been alcohol-related. Airlines and holiday companies are losing money through flight delays caused by the removal of abusive passengers by police. Something must be done.

Alex wrote to the Aviation Minister, Lord Callanan, to ask him to consider extending the licensing act to airside establishments.

Here’s Alex’s letter:

And here is his response:

It’s not quite the firm commitment I was I hoping for – but it is good to hear that he is looking at the Lords report.

I also sent a copy to the Home Office and received the following response:

My team and I are currently working on the next steps and seeking new partners in this effort.

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