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Over 100 Labour MPs sign letter to Theresa May demanding cancellation of Trump’s new year visit

Date: 13.12.17 | in: Foreign Affairs

Today, over 100 Labour MPs put their names to a letter addressed to the Prime Minister Theresa May demanding that she cancel any planned UK visit early next year by Donald Trump.

The decision to draft the letter was taken following statements made by the US Ambassador that he expected the US President to visit early next year.

The signatories wish to remind the Prime Minister of Trump’s support for the British far-right, his climate change denial and his antagonistic foreign policy.

Taken together, the President’s recent actions and beliefs are presented as incompatible with Prime Minister May’s stated commitment to tolerance and equality.

The full letter and list of signatories are available below.

Alex Sobel MP, the letter’s author says: 

“Donald Trump’s public positions on various issues such as the ban on citizens from Muslim majority countries visiting the US, pulling out of the Paris climate change agreement and unapologetically retweeting a British far-right group means Theresa May needs to withdrawn any invitation extended to the US President. It’s a reflection of the strength of feeling within the Parliamentary Labour Party that over 100 MPs put their name to this letter.”



Dear Prime Minister, Britain is a country that values, in your words, “a belief in tolerance for other people, equality, an acceptance of other people’s faiths and religions.” As someone who does not exhibit any regard for these values, Donald Trump's visit needs to be reconsidered. You promised the people of this country that you would fight extremism in all its forms, yet are planning to welcome someone who just last week tweeted in support of a British far-right extremist group. President Trump is a man who has banned people from the USA based on their religious beliefs, insulted the parents of dead soldiers and threatened to destroy entire countries. He denies climate change, actively fuels discord in the Middle East and supports torture. Trump is doing his best to legitimise hatred and create division and as a country, we cannot support this. We believe that everyone deserves to be equal and will fight to protect the rights of women, minorities and LGBT people—something that Trump has consistently failed to do. We need a Prime Minister who will respect those who Trump does not, one who can stand up for their beliefs and for those of people who can't stand up for themselves. Brendan Cox summed it up when he called Trump ‘a purveyor of hate’.  We now have an opportunity to stand together against such hate and stand up for British values, by cancelling his visit and speaking out against his bigotry. At the time you issued your invitation to Donald Trump in January public opinion wasn't opposed to a visit by the US President, however since then his actions have created a rising tide of opposition meaning we must now call on you to cancel Donald Trump's working visit which is reported to be scheduled for the 26th and 27th February. We look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Alex Sobel MP

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